Synthetic Hair Topper by Jon Renau


Natural looking men's toupee with wavy layers and monofilament construction for easy styling versatility. Hair shown in the image has been cut and steamed straight.


Base Construction: Monofilament Top

Application Method: Tape/Clip

Base Dimension: 6.5" x 9"

Length: 4"-6"

Weight: 1.3oz 

Color Shown: 580


PJ : Full Mono Synthetic Hair Topper

Jon Renau Men

$451.52 $531.20

M-395 Dk Brown w/ 95% Grey
M-1B Soft Black
M-1B60 soft Black w/ 60% Grey
M-1B80 Soft Black w/ 80% Grey
M-2 Dk Black/Brown Blend
M-210 Dk Black/Brown Blend w/ 10% Grey
M-240 Dk Black/Brown Blend w/40% Grey
M-3 Dk Brown
M-320 Dk Brown w/ 20% Grey
M-4 Brown
M-420 Brown w/ 20% Grey
M-54 Lt Grey w/ 25% Med Natural Gold Blonde
M-520 Med Brown w/ 20% Grey
M-540 Med Brown w/ 40% Grey
M-550 Med Brown w/ 50% Grey
M-580 Med Brown w/ 80% Grey
M-6 Lt Brown
M-610 Lt Brown w/ 10% Grey
M-7 Dk Blonde
M-720 Dk Blonde w/ 20% Grey
M-740 Dk Blonde w/ 40% Grey
M-8 Med Brown
M-10 Lt Brown
M-12 Lt Gold Brown
M-14 Med Natural-Ash Blonde
M-1780 Lt Ash Blonde w/ 80% Grey
M-2020 Lt Ash Blonde w/ 20% Grey

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