Customized clip-in extensions are a great way to add allure and volume to hair, especially for guests with finer hair. Customized clip-on extensions are something that our store has been making for years, and we have a breadth of knowledge in this particular type. This clip method has been dominant in the market and there is a good reason that it has been around for so many years. 

Our team of hair extension beauty experts is ready to help you with your custom hair extension order. Details such as length, application type, texture, and color, will all be accounted for to match your vision. These are sewn by us and hand-made especially for you, which ensures that your look will be natural. Customizing your extensions is a great way to ensure that the colors you choose will be the best match for you! With so many options, you have a wide range of colors to choose from and how you would like them for your hair. When you are satisfied with the finished product, we will offer you advice on how to apply, care for and style your new additions so that you can best maintain your new look!

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