Synthetic Lace Front Hair Topper

by Jon Renau


100% hand tied on monofilament makes this a very lightweight piece and will allow the scalp to breathe easy.


Base Construction:  Hand-Tied, Monofilament, Lace Front

Application Method: Tape/Clip

Base Dimension: 6.75" x 9.25"

Length: 4"

Weight: .9oz 

Color Shown: 580


JJ : Lace Front Hand-Tied Synthetic Hair Topper

Jon Renau Men

$304.94 $358.75

M-395 Dk Brown w/ 95% Grey
M-1B Soft Black
M-1B80 Soft Black w/ 80% Grey
M-2 Dk Black/Brown Blend
M-210 Dk Black/Brown Blend w/ 10% Grey
M-4 Brown
M-5 Med Brown
M-520 Med Brown w/ 20% Grey
M-540 Med Brown w/ 40% Grey
M-550 Med Brown w/ 50% Grey
M-580 Med Brown w/ 80% Grey
M-6 Lt Brown
M-610 Lt Brown w/ 10% Grey
M-720 Dk Blonde w/ 20% Grey
M-740 Dk Blonde w/ 40% Grey
M-8 Med Brown
M-10 Lt Brown
M-12 Lt Gold Brown
M-1480 Med Natural-Ash Blonde w/ 80% Grey
M-1780 Lt Ash Blonde w/ 80% Grey
M-2020 Lt Ash Blonde w/ 20% Grey
M-60 Pure White

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