Play it Straight 

by Rachel Welch


It’s like the best haircut ever. How genius is this styling? Think long hair without the length. Polished, not perfect— but just choppy and layered enough to look perfectly natural.


Sheer Indulgence™ Lace Front
Monofilament Part with Memory Cap® II Base
Vibralite® Synthetic hair

Cap Size: Average

Front: 7”

Crown: 8.5”

Sides: 6”

Back: 5.5”

Nape: 5”

 Weight: 3.25oz


Play it Straight : Lace Front Mono Part Synthetic Wig

Raquel Welch

$309.99 $357.00

R4 Midnight Brown
R6 Dark Chocolate
R6/30H Chocolate Copper
R829S Plus Glazed Hazelnut
R9F26 Mocha Foil
R10 Chestnut
R11S Plus Glazed Mocha
R12/26H Honey Pecan
R13F25 Praline Foil
R14/25 Honey Ginger
R14/88H Golden Wheat
R1621S Plus Glazed Sand
R29S Plus Glazed Strawberry
R3025S Plus Glazed Cinnamon
R56/60 Silver Mist
SS4/6 Espresso
SS4/33 Eggplant
SS9/30 Cocoa
SS12/20 Toast
SS15/24 Champagne
SS14/88 Golden Wheat
SS23/61 Cream
SS30/28 Spice
SS44/60 Sugared Licorice

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