An Alternative Solution Hair Loss

Susan Park

Posted on May 27 2019

An alternative solution for hair loss and thinning hair:

 A surprising number of men and women experience hair loss, in some form or another in their lifetime. Whether you have alopecia, a thyroid condition, hereditary hair loss conditioned called male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness as you age, losing your hair can be a demoralizing and discouraging experience. Luckily there are a variety of solutions available!  There are a variety of solutions available for an alternative solution for hair loss and thinning hair and one of the alternate solutions is wigs and hairpieces (toppers). 



 For those in early stages of mild or moderate hair loss, hair pieces and toppers are a great way to go. Toppers and hairpieces are made of either synthetic fiber or Remy human hair which can add thickness, depth, and length. Plus, they can be used to change up your daily hairstyle! If you’re going the synthetic route, a hairpiece with bangs is a great way to accentuate your look while still filling out your hair and maintaining a more natural hairline.


 For those experiencing more dramatic hair loss, it may be time to consider investing in a wig. It’s important to consider what your needs are for your lifestyle. Do you like to curl your hair? Or are you a more “no fuss” kind of person. With a lace front, human hair wig, you’ll have more styling options and a more natural hairline. You’ll be able to curl your hair, straighten, and style the wig just like you would your own, natural hair. If you’d like to go with something simpler, consider a synthetic wig. A lace front, synthetic wig won’t give you the variety of styling options that a Remy human hair wig would, however, you’ll still be able to open-up your part to the position that best complements your face and you’ll have an easy and versatile wig. The hand-tied monofilament creates movement, just like natural hair, and appears to come out of a natural scalp.


Also, there are headwears like turbans, wraps, and caps, that are ideal for those who are going through hair loss due to chemotherapy or any medically related conditions. These fashionable headwears are great for everyday wear at home, in bed, or out with your loved ones.
Whatever your level of hair loss, we’d love to help you feel and look the best you possibly can. With our collection of synthetic and natural human hair wigs, and hairpieces, we know you’ll find them here, just for you!

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