Wigs for Cancer Patients

Susan Park

Posted on May 27 2019

Wigs for Cancer Patients


While undergoing chemotherapy treatment, hair loss can feel like a dreaded burden, including the feeling of perplexity and reluctance while seeking hair loss alternatives such as wigs. Surely, wearing a wig does not sort out all of your problems, but it can provide comfort and peace of mind when getting back into the rhythm of your social and professional life. Finding the right wig is one thing, but knowing what kind of wig will work best for you is the first hurdle.

There are two types of wigs based on fiber, synthetic and human hair. Both types of wigs come in a large variety of styles and colors. Each of them has distinct advantages and disadvantages, depending on your personal perspective and/or lifestyle.

Synthetic wigs are conceived to be more cost-effective in the short term. Considering that synthetic fibers are not as durable as human hair, a synthetic wig is recommended to be replaced within a year (more often than a human hair wig). However, the benefit lies in which the cut and style that the wig appears to have will hold its appearance entirely, and then gradually, it will lose some of its original shape with each wash. Since synthetic wigs mainly consist of acrylic fiber, which is a heat-sensitive fiber used to maintain the wig's shape and style, that determines that less effort is required to achieve your desired look. With that said, you can be out of the door in as little as seconds!

The disadvantage in synthetic wigs will be when you wish to apply heat on the wig to alter its original straight or wavy style. Acrylic fiber, as previously stated, is heat sensitive, meaning that it is not capable of applying heat with or it will singe. One exception is that they are able to be mildly cut and thinned out. Another exception is that there are heat-friendly synthetic wigs which consist of polyester fibers and are capable of using temperatures up to 340 degrees. It should be noted that polyester wigs are even less durable than acrylic wigs and will develop frizz even sooner.

Natural human hair wigs are admittedly more expensive, but the big advantage with human hair wigs is that you can cut, style and color them like your own natural hair. This means you're able to carry on your life with hair that requires less maintenance than your own that feels just like hair because it is! In contrast to synthetic wigs, it does require to be styled after ever wash (recommended after 30 wears). Human hair will need more maintenance like re-styling or re-dying over time. Whereas synthetic wigs hold their style betters.

And for those who want to get a little break from wearing wigs every day, there are turbans, wraps or scarf as an alternative. 

Also, bangs, side pieces, and ponytails can be sewn onto a hat to give an illusion of hair without actually wearing a wig. 

Wigs not only help with physical recovery for chemo patients but also helps with their emotional state.

Most private insurance plans cover wigs for patients going through cancer treatments. We, at Unlimited wigs, are certified Tricare provider and we can help with all insurance billing as well.  We are here to make sure you and your loved one have a positive experience through the transition.  Putting your mind at ease is our #1 priority.



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